Snap kit Installation instructions

(for companionway screens)

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How to install your Snap kit for the Companionway screen

• Easy-to-install companionway screens fix kit, if you do not
have handrails or easy access point for straps attachments.
• Just slide the companionway screen webbings in the buckles.
• Fix each snap on your deck with supplied screws.
• Adjust and snap in place.
• Now, you have an easy way to install and remove your screen!

Snap Kit installation instructions

1- Slide the companionway screen top webbings in
the buckles following the path in drawing.Snap kit - webbing path on buckle | Sogeman

Snap kit Webbing in the buckle | Sogeman

2- Place both buckles at safe distance, not too close
to the screen to prevent too much pull on the snap.

3- Drill a hole for each snap with a 3/32” bit.

Snap kit Buckle location | Sogeman

4- Put a bit of silicone and screw the male snap on
deck with supplied screws.
5- Adjust webbings and snap in place.

Or you can download the Snap kit Installation instructions (PDF)

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