Bugbusters boat companionway insects screens

A simple solution for no-see-ums, mosquitos and other bugs…

The original since 1986, long lasting UV grade Polyester mesh, not a copy!

Unique to the market, the Bugbusters companionway insects screens ties to the handrails or is fixed with our new snap kit and drops down to the cockpit floor.

No velcro or frame needed. Allows full companionway opening permitting very easy access to and from cockpit. The original, long lasting UV grade Polyester mesh, not a copy!


  • Installs easily with 2 knots to hand rails with built-in ties or with our new snap kit (see below)
  • Allows easy access to and from cockpit
  • 24 Very small Holes/Inch or about 1mm size, No-See-Um proof
  • 100% UV resist Polyester mesh, military spec, US made
  • Strong UV resist Polyester thread
  • Lead ballasted (will not affect compass)


Measure maximum inside measurement from forward of companionway to bottom and add about 2-3 inches.

Then take width outside companionway sides and add height of sides over the roof, to get width of screen.

Example: A 30″ x 68″ inside opening, would use a 36″ x 72″ screen. On the tapered screens, the tapering begins at the halfway point of the length, 34″ and 39″ respectively. For the 44 x 38 screen, the taper begins at 26 inches.

Learn more on how to measure your companionway before ordering.