Sogeman (SOciété nérale MANufacturière) was founded in 1985. The Bugbusters boat companionway insects screen was officially presented at boat show of Place Bonaventure in Montreal in 1986. The Bugbusters Hatch screen will be introduced the following year (1987). The Hatch umbrella was introduced in 1989.

SOGEMAN was sold to Microlog Technologies in 2011. Conception YM-Sogeman acquires the company in 2016

Manufacturing quality

In 1981, the prototype of the boat companionway insects screen, used on the company's founder's sailboat, was weighted with 9mm bullets. As a result of being asked where he had bought it, he eventually started a small production, ballasting it this time with lead cylinders manufactured by a Canadian supplier who cut them the right length. Apart from the addition of reinforcements to the intersection of the retaining straps and the insects screen itself in the first year of its introduction in 1986, the design of both types of insects screen has not changed since. The quality of the components used, the right design and the craftmanship expertise have always espoused the concept of Total Quality in all stages of manufacturing.


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Head Office and Canadian Warehouse 
Conception YM - Sogeman
1610, Road 116, Danville
QC, Canada, J0A 1A0

US Warehouse
Conception YM - Sogeman
1320 Road 9, #3052, Champlain
NY, USA, 12919