Custom screens material


Special project! Do it yourself as other customers did! We offer screen, bindings, lead beads so you can customize your screen to your own needs.

We sell full usable 80" or 2 meters width screen, not just 54 or 60 inches, so you can build your full bug-free enclosure, custom companionway or special project.

Add binding containing lead beads at bottom and regular binding to finish top and sides of the net.

You will then need to add snaps or velcro on top to hold the net.


  • 100% Mil Spec Polyester mesh, military spec, flame retardant.
  • 24 Very small Holes/Inch or about 1mm, No-see-um proof 
  • Sold Per Yard x 80" usable width or Per Meter x 2,0 Meters usable width.

Lead binding

  • 1" wide or 2.5cm wide specially folded binding with pocket to contain lead beads
    Sew on the bottom or side of the net to hold them in place then will insert lead beads in enclosed pockets and finally sew the ends.
    Lead binding can also be used for top/side finish.
  • Sold Per Yard (you need to order 0.5 pound of lead beads per yard to fill)
  • Or Sold Per Meter (order 0.25kg of lead beads per meter to fill)

Lead beads

  • Polished special lead beads for lead binding, sold by Pound or Kilo.

Side binding

  • 0.5" wide or 1.25cm wide "V" folded binding
    For side finish of your net
  • Sold Per Yard Or Per Meter

(minimum order of $50)

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