Companionway measurement guide

Take time to measure before ordering!




  1. First measure Top opening "A" distance
  2. Measure Vertical Height "B" from top to bottom, where the sceen lead weight will stand
  3. Add "A" to "B" plus approximately 3 inches to get total length of screen
  4. Measure "C" distance, outside handrails, and add heigh of handrail over the roof, on each side, to get width of screen
  5. On some boats, it is best to use a tapered screen, so measure "D" and add 1-2 inches on each side

NOTES: Don't worry, Companionway screens can be up to 20% longer and 10-15% larger than measured ideal. 
You can install a taller screen in positionning it a little forward, if possible, and remaining will lay on the bottom, outside of companionway entrance. Lead beads will also hold a wider than ideal screen.

We now have convenient optionnal snap kits for easy installation inside dodger or if you do not have siderails.

Example: For a 2008 Beneteau Oceanis 37 we took the following measurements:

  1. Measure "A": 38"
  2. Measure "B": 36"
  3. Add "A" to "B": 74" PLUS 3" = 77"
  4. Measure "C": 32" PLUS 3" PLUS 3" = 38"
  5. Measure "D": 21"

We then choose a 40" x 77" companionway for a perfect fit (a little bit wider but OK).




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